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“The biographers at Total Trial Solutions help me maximize the value of my cases for my clients. They really help me frame the damages of my client by getting to the core story of how the tragic events I represent them for impact every aspect of their life. Their interviews of friends, neighbors and co-workers are invaluable in building the strongest damages case I can.”
Jeff Korek
Past-President New York State Trial Lawyers Association

“Trying complex medical malpractice cases requires a keen awareness of how jurors feel about the medical care provided to our clients. Total Trial Solutions helps discover which facts are the most critical in proving deviations from good and acceptable medical practices. They also help frame those deviations in the most persuasive ways. With Total Trial Solutions we have taken much of the guess work out of trial work.”
Mike Duffy
Duffy & Duffy, PLLC
"Using Total Trial Solutions focus group presentations enabled me to learn what jurors think about issues in my case and how best to present them before I pick my first juror. As a trial lawyer, words matter. TTS helped me craft the power words and phrases to win my case"
Michael Feldman
Partner and Senior Trial Lawyer, Jacoby & Meyers, LLP
“When I participated in my first focus group by presenting my opening for an upcoming trial, I quickly realized the feedback was invaluable. I won’t try another substantial case without using the input of a focus group. We need to see and understand what information they find important and what other information they feel they need to substantiate our claims.”
George M. Levy
Senior Partner, Finkelstein & Partners, LLP
“I had the opportunity to watch two focus groups sessions. They were expertly conducted and I can’t believe how much information was obtained. They completely changed my thoughts on how to use focus groups. No longer will I try my case to a focus group. Now, I will use them to discover the strengths and weaknesses of my cases and how best to frame the issues.”
Jonathan Stark
Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers
“Total Trial Solutions made organizing and interpreting a focus group easy, from their ability to recruit thoughtful mock jurors to the insightful analysis delivered by their staff. They took the guesswork out of trial preparation and helped me arrive at the ideal strategy for representing my client”
Deborah Gough
The Gough Law Firm, LLP
“We are a trial firm and since we have been using Total Trial Solutions as our go to source to organize and moderate focus groups we have gained great insight on the key aspects of our cases. The moderators not only are great at strategically presenting our cases so we get the most out of the session, their insights on how to use the information is top rate. If you handle serious cases, I highly recommend you have Total Trial Solutions on your team.”
Seth Price
Price Benowitz, LLP
“Total Trial Solutions is a great asset to have on my trial team. Their focus group analysis helped me discover the most significant issues from a jury’s perspective, and also the best ways to deal with those issues at trial.”
Richard Kennedy
Law Offices of Richard Kennedy