Medical Illustration | Midshaft Comminuted Displaced Left Clavicle Fracture

Case Type:

Fall Down

Area of Injury:

Left Clavicle

Overall Objective:

TTS was approached by Attorney Linda Armatti-Epstein from Jacoby & Meyers LLP. The law firm requested help demonstrating injuries that were sustained by her client due a slip and fall on slippery stairs at a park.

Our Work on the Case

Exhibit 1

Medical Illustration showing showing left clavicle fracture reduction and pre-op left comminuted fracture with colorized x-rays included.

Exhibit 2

Medical Illustration showing a nonuion, infected left clavicle with loosened hardware.  Steps showing incision bone harvest, failed hardware removal plus colorized x-ray of post-op bone graft with new plate and screws.

Exhibit 3

Medical Illustration demonstrating a third failed clavicular fixation.  Left fibular autograft harvest, old hardware removal, fibular graft addition and placement 10 hole plate and screws. 

Exhibit 4

Medical Illustration of left a clavicle surgical repair showing excision of cortical scar tissue, hardware removal and bone cement application.