Medical Illustration | Left Knee Medial Meniscus Tear & Arthroscopic Surgical Repair

Case Type:

Fall Down

Area of Injury:

Left Knee and Right Wrist 

Overall Objective:

TTS was approached by the law firm of Finkelstein & Partners as they needed assistance demonstrating their clients injuries including a left knee medial meniscus tear with arthroscopic surgical repair and right wrist sprain. 

Our Work on the Case

Exhibit 1

Injury illustration showing the following MRI findings: (1.) Degenerative arthritis, medial femorotibial joint space and lateral patellofemoral joint. (2.) Complex linear tear of the body/anterior horn of the medial meniscus.
(3.) Small suprapatellar knee joint effusion.
(4.) Sprain suggested of the medial patellar retinaculum.
(5.) Moderate to large Baker cyst in the posterior medial popliteal fossa.

Exhibit 2

Surgical illustration showing the arthroscopic surgery to the left knee to repair the medial meniscus tear. 

Exhibit 3

Injury illustration showing the AP and lateral views of the right wrist which show abnormal articulation between the scaphoid and the lunate bone likely from a scaphoid lunate ligament tear.