Getting started on your custom Film Colorization Order

Step 1 - Complete the following form:

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    1. Information about the Colorization

    Step 2 - Submit your films (these instructions will also be emailed to you)

    1. Create a folder somewhere in your computer with the client’s last name as the folder name.
    2. Save the entire CD containing the images you want colorized to that folder you created.
    3. If there are any Radiology/OP reports that are not included on the disk, please add those to the folder you created as well.
    4. Right click on the folder you created that contain the copy of the CD and any radiology or Op reports and choose “compress and zip” folder.
    5. Once the folder is completely zipped, click on this secured link and upload the entire zipped folder to us via Citrix by clicking the box below:

    Step 3 - If you have specific image directions, any question, or concerns about this process or if you wish to use your own system to transfer the files, please reach out to Stormie McShea, our Visual Production Manager.